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Bali Villas for sale logoDesign your own villa: It is possible to make any changes that you wish to the layout, or the construction materials, but changes must not violate the structural integrity or overall esthetics of the villas. All redesign labor and material costs will be extra.

Summary: There is perhaps no better tropical location to reside in the world than Bali.

The extremely low cost of living which includes such bargains as $5.00 massages, $4.00 haircuts, $2.00 quality restaurant meals and transportation for 10 cents anywhere in Sanur make it ideal for those who want to live like a millionaire on a very low budget. The Balinese are sweet, warm people, and they love foreigners. Bali-villas-sale-retirement-coup.jpg

High Security and Low Crime Rate:

The high security, low crime rate, clean air, and comfortable climate make it one of the premier tourist and retirement designations in the world. You have an opportunity to purchase now while prices are still low.

We are thoroughly convinced that years from now you will proudly state that you were one of the first to recognize Bali’s investment potential.

Discounted Price: There are only two villas on the property still for sale. The lowest priced pre-construction discount priced unit with a 10 % discount will be the two bedroom inside unit at $111,000.

The mid range two and one half bedroom villas start at $129,000. The three and one half bedroom unit is $169,000. Unbelievable return on investment: The cash flow projections on these villas, when utilized only half the time for rentals, frankly look too good to be true.

"20 % to 30 % per year return”*

Similar style and size villas with less attractive features, and locations, have enjoyed sixty percent occupancies over the past five years.

When you consider that during those years there were some tough times, including the Suharto crisis and Sept. 11 World Trade Center bombing we feel it is safe to assume that we can rent these units for at least fifty percent of the time for the next ten years.

We can also assume that an average 2.5 bedroom villas on 400 m2 of land will net $290.00 per day for 50% of time. Assuming that you pay 20 % of the income for management fees, and allowing for taxes and a 10 % increase in value per year you can earn an astounding net profit of $691,000 * in 10 years. Best of all you should receive all your investment back in three years.

"$ 691,000 profit in 10 years "*

 100 % Legal for foreign buyers: You may own the villa 100 % outright.

The property for each villa (included in the price) will be subleased from the owner under your name on a 25-year lease (beginning Nov 2001). You will have a legal notarized option to renew for another 25 years at a price that is a fixed amouny of troy ounces of gold.Bali-Villas-for-sale-Front.jpg

The lease renewal for another twenty-five years is 1 ounce of gold per year, per 100 square meters of land. Therefore, a one bedroom with 150 square meters will require 1.5 ounces per year time 25 years =37.5 ounces of gold (current val00 $11,000). A very small price to pay for an additional 25 years.  The annual taxes have yet to be decided but they will be very low. 

Terms: You may arrange for payment terms over the construction period. A Typical payment plan is 1% deposit, 24% to start Construction, 25 % when walls and foundation are complete, 25 % when roof and roughed in plumbing and electrical are complete. 20 % is due when construction is complete and 5 % is held back for 90 days.

Act now limited supply: There are only two units at the introductory offer price. To insure that you do not miss this fantastic opportunity to own a piece of paradise we recommend place a hold on a villa as soon as possible. Thank you very much for reviewing this brief villa offering.

The information listed on this and all attached publications are considered true and reliable at the time of publication.  We reserve the right to change information and prices without notice. We do not guarantee the information or predications stated herein. Property values and rentals rates may decrease in value due to political or economical influences. We do not guarantee future prices of Bali real estate, future profits, or predictions.


" wow" Mr .John Kelly , Editor of Bali Sun Newspaper Bali, Feb 2003

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* Pre construction 10 % discount for two units only 

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